Planning and Development

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Planning disputes

If you are involved in a planning dispute, litigation (and ultimately a hearing) is not always the best path to follow. The path we take is dependent on your case and what will aid us to reach the optimum solution for you. Where possible, we try to use negotiation or mediation to resolve the dispute and achieve your objectives. However, if the matter cannot be resolved in this way, we can provide advice and appear for you in proceedings in the Land and Environment Court.

Our service includes:

Development applications and development consents, including staged development applications, concept plans and master plans
Reviews of development application determinations and applications to modify development consents
Certificates of compliance
Existing use rights
Rezoning applications
Objections to rezoning applications, development applications and environmental impact statements
Residential, industrial and commercial subdivision and development
Drafting and interpretation of environmental planning instruments, precinct plans, development control plans, contributions plans and other statutory planning controls
Heritage protection
Rating, valuation and compulsory acquisition of land, including just terms compensation
Planning and Environment Act 1987, the Planning and Environment Regulations 2005 and the Planning and Environment (fees) Regulations 2000
Environmental Protection Authority court litigation
Environmental impact assessment

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