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We understand the sensitive issues that can arise surrounding family life.

Having to deal with the emotional side of things is hard enough, so we want to make the practical side of things easier for you.

Peace of mind.

Having to go through legal proceedings will often involve a financial impact and unnecessary stress, so one of our primary objectives is to get your case settled out of court and as quickly as possible. This is usually done using mediation and a collaborative lawyer approach.

Our approach is what sets us apart.

We specialise in collaborative practice and aim to help you reach agreements by negotiation – without going to court. Our commitment is to make your settlement and parenting plan as cost-effective and constructive as possible, at a pace that suits your family. If this is not possible, we will ensure that your case is dealt with promptly through the Family Law Courts.

We understand that your separation more than just a legal problem, it’s an emotional issue too. Our team is here to support you every step of the way. We also realise that it can be difficult to take time off work to discuss your matters with a lawyer, so we have the flexibility to meet you outside of business hours.

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